About US (关于我们)

探索澳洲旅游公司(Adventure@Australia Service Pty Ltd.)成⽴于2017年2月,是随着前来澳大利亚⽇益增长的中国游客应运而生的澳洲当地地接社,是澳大利亚政府注册并在澳⼤利亚证券与投资委员会ASIC登记的地接社。

Adventure@Australia Service Pty Ltd. was established in Feb 2017. She was setup as a local tourist service company in response to the overgrowing of Chinese tourists to Australia, and was registered at Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).


Our service philosophy is Tourist tract — as you wishes, Time — Your decided it. The company possesses local experienced  planners to customise your own unique tourist tracks, and well-trained tourist guide to deliver to amazing tourist sites. Our one-stop heart-to-heart services enable you after getting your air plane, we will look after all of the rest. We are providing: Airport pickup service, Tour around peripheral areas of metropolis, short and long term tourist chartered service, business travel service, private customised tourist service, self-driving tour assistance service, featured hotels catering recommendation and pre-booking services. We’ll enable you to put down everything and enjoy your truly tourist experience heart and soul. If you are after photographic tourist, sea tour, family tour, business investigation trip etc, we are also ready to provide services.


Special love to special you ! Our one-stop heart-to-hear customised service can make an unusually Australia travel for you.

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